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Vacation In The Nature Filled Hill Country

Natives call this place the Hill Country. It is not one but several cities merged under the name. It is located in the central part of Texas and surrounded by roaming rock and grass covered hills which provide an expansive view of nature that is breathtaking. Tourists travel from far and wide for just a chance to fish and watch the sun set by the Guadalupe River which flows through the area. Sometimes cowboys that live there call it God’s Country because it’s so beautiful that the man upstairs had to have blessed it personally. Many people end up returning over and over because they just can’t stand to be away any longer. If you choose to visit, there are some things you need to know though.

The Hill Country is known for its nature. That means there are animals from many species there, including rattlesnakes. Visitors wondering through the tall grasses need to wear high boots with long pants and preferably long sleeves. The weather can be scorching hot in the summer time, so wear light colored clothing, but make sure it covers your body. Rattlesnake bites are deadly, so never provoke a rattlesnake because you think it would make a cool picture to show your friends.

Mountain lions as well as ringtails roam freely in the hills. Ringtails are inquisitive little tree and rock dwellers with tails like raccoons and faces like foxes; hunter’s mistake ringtails for foxes frequently, but there is no mistaking a mountain lion! Never approach them. If you happen upon fresh mountain lion tracks, it is best you leave the area immediately. They are powerful large cats that can kill. Bob cats are found there as well. Though they are smaller than mountain lions, they still have a vicious set of teeth.

If you want to feed wildlife, stick to throwing bread and peanuts to the squirrels and ducks down at the park. Never feed larger wild animals, because you can get injured. Many local animals can be quite dangerous, so luring them to you can be deadly.

Besides the wildlife, there are a wide variety of native plants to see everywhere. The native wildflowers are the some of the most beautiful of them. They are most easily found in the spring after early rains of the year. Cactus of many varieties can be spotted as well all year long. Many of the native plants can be purchased at local stores to take back with you as souvenirs.

Follow these helpful tips, and you can have a good time on your vacation in the Hill Country, and still stay safe. Visit soon!